Terms and Conditions of Use of By Faith Pelil Enterprises Marketplace

  1. Introduction

    1. By Faith Pelil Enterprises, is an industrial online marketplace that deals in selling of Motors, Pulleys, Fabrication, Sprocket, Angle, Line, Channel, Pipes Etc. it supports logistics and payment infrastructure for the sale of a wide range of industrial products to consumers in Kenya.
    2. These terms, policies and conditions apply to all customers, thus shall govern website use and other related services provided in the marketplace.
    3. By browsing the shop, in whichever capacity, you accept the terms, policies and conditions fully. If you disagree with any of the terms, policies, and conditions of use you discontinue using the marketplace.
    4. If you use our shop in the course of doing your business or any other project, then you agree to:
      1. Confirm that you agree to the general terms, policies, and conditions.
      2. Bind yourself, whether as an individual, company, legal entity, or any other organization that operates a business to these terms of policy and use.
  2. Account registration

    1. Registration for persons under the age of 18 years is prohibited. By agreeing to the terms of use of the website, you warrant that you ate at least 18 years of age.
    2. To register, you complete and submit the registration form available on the login page of the shop.
    3. By submitting the registration form, you warrant that all information provided is complete and accurate to the best of your ability.
    4. During the registration for an account on the website, you will be warranted to provide an email address, a user ID, and a password. By doing this you agree to:
      1. Keep your password private
      2. Notify us using a written document of disclosure of your password once aware
      3. Be responsible for any activities in our shop that may arise as a consequence of not keeping your password confidential. This means you will be held liable for any kind of loss that may arise as a result of this failure.
    5. The account created on the website is exclusively owned by you and is non-transferable to a third party. The authorization of a third party to use and manage the account on your behalf shall be done at your own risk.
    6. We are legally allowed to change your account details without any discretion or notice on breach of the general terms and conditions. This will be done after a refund in respect to the same.
    7. You may deactivate and cease using your account on the website at your own discretion or by contacting us on our email as provided
  3. Returns and refunds policy.

    1. By agreeing to the general terms and conditions you acknowledge and agree with the return and acceptance of returned products shall be handled by us in accordance with our return policy. The return policy is subject to changes. Our decision to accept returned products shall be done at our discretion and is subject to compliance with the laws of the country.
    2. We may offer refunds in respect to:
      1. The price of the product
      2. The shipping fee, whether local or international
      3. By way of giving vouchers, wallet refunds, or direct deposit as may be deemed applicable
      4. Changes in our refund policy shall be communicated effectively in respect to all purchases by a publication on our website or through a newsletter.
    3. You can initiate a return item claim within 15 days of delivery or collection citing eligible reasons for the return of the item.
    4. Eligible reasons for return of a product are:
      1. Wrong product
      2. Defective product
      3. Incomplete or wrong size product
      4. Sale of counterfeit items. (To facilitate an easy return process, ensure that items are reported as early as is possible.)
    5. In case of a change in mind, return and refunds can ONLY be made if the package seal is intact and confirmation that the products have not been tampered with is done. When returning an item is important that all seals, tags, and accessories are intact in their original packaging
    6. In the case of the return of devices are can be protected using passwords, ensure that the password is removed before return or the return will be deemed invalid and void.
    7. Orders delivered using postal services are not eligible for return or refund. Nor will they be accepted in the change of mind refund reason.
  4. Payments

    1. Agreement to the general terms of use, policy, and conditions and agreement to making All payments in accordance with the payment information and as provided by the guidelines on the website.
  5. Data privacy and cookies policy.

    1. Registered account holders agree to have their data processed.
    2. By faith Pelil Enterprises shall process all the personal data obtained through the registration form submitted.
    3. The personal data collected about you shall be used only to allow for continuous improvement of the products and services offered by Pelil Enterprises. The following personal data is collected:
      1. Information you provide to us including delivery and contact addresses, financial data, and identity data
      2. Information regarding your website use. These include searches, downloads, views, and purchases
      3. Information from third-party services such as payment applications, merchandisers, and contracted logistics handlers.
    4. Cookies are enabled on your device if you agree. They are only applied to enhance your browsing experience in the following ways:
      1. Counting the number of visitors to the site and what products are viewed the most.
      2. Identification of preferred items and subscriptions.
      3. Sending of newsletters and offered that tailored to your interests
    5. Personal data is used to operate, develop and improve the products and services that are sold in our shop. This data includes:
      1. Registering you as a new user and potential customer
      2. Processing your orders
      3. Management of your relationship with our shop.
      4. Enabling you to take part in our promotions and surveys
      5. Detection of fraudulent activities
      6. Improvement of our application, products, and services
    6. Pelil Enterprises may need to share your personal detail on the following occasions:
      1. During the fulfillment of sale of products. In order to make deliveries, the address information may need to be shared with our logistics parties.
      2. During the Detecting of fraudulent activity, we may need to release personal data to the relevant authorities and parties for fraud protection and reduction of credit risk.
    7. Appropriate security measures have been put to ensure the loss, access, and alteration of personal data submitted to Pelil Enterprises is reduced. In the event of any data breach, you will be notified instantly with directions on the next step. For more information on the data privacy policy, please contact sales@PelilEnterprises.com
  6. Pelil Enterprise’s role in the marketplace

    1. We acknowledge confirmation of the identity of all marketplace users, check their credulity and credit scores and use this information to vet them
    2. Not all information is used to monitor or in an audit.
    3. Pelil Enterprises are the sole party to any contract of sale or purchase on the website. This means that we are no agents or brokers for any seller; hence we have the right to enforce contractual obligations that may arise from the sale of any product. 
    4. Pelil Enterprises warrant and characterize the comprehensiveness or precision of any material published. This means that the products are up to date, with no fault, and are available immediately unless notified that they are out of stock. 
    5. Pelil Enterprises has the right to discontinue any services to end publishing our marketplace at our discretion without explanation or notice. No compensation or payment will be made after marketplaces services are discontinued. 
    6. No commercial results are guaranteed upon sale of a product sold by Pelil Enterprises. 
  7. Limitations and exclusions liability. 

    1. Nothing included in these terms, policies, and conditions will have a limit on any liability as long as is permitted by the law. 
    2. With respect to any products or services offered on a credit basis, we remain unaccountable for all losses and damages done to the product, and the full payment is expected to be made on agreed terms and dates. 
    3. In the same way, we will not be held accountable as a result of any losses as a result of website dysfunction or interruption or loss as a result of an event that is beyond reasonable control, corruption of data, business losses, general consequential losses.
    4. Our marketplace does not contain hyperlinks to other third parties, and you shall remain liable if losses are incurred; as a result, use of business, links clicked while browsing the marketplace. 
  8. Breaches of these terms, policies, and conditions

    1. Opening an account through registration in the marketplace will ensure the account remains open indefinitely until deleted by the user, as is subject to the general terms of use.
    2.  Breach of the general terms and conditions of use of this website will lead to actions included but not limited to temporary suspension from use of the marketplace, permanent prohibition from using the marketplace, blocking of suspected and related IP dresses from using the marketplace, contacting of service providers to terminate your access to our marketplace, deletion of accounts, the commencement of legal action as a result of a breach of contract and the general terms and policies. 
    3. Under the event of suspension or permanent prohibition, no action should be taken to use the marketplace unlawfully. 
  9. Entire agreement

    1. these general terms, policies, and conditions constitute the agreement contract between the buyers and Pelil Enterprises limited, which shall govern the website use, thus superseding all previous agreements made in relation to the use of the marketplace. 
  10. Variation.

    1. these general terms, policies, and conditions constitute the agreement contract between the buyers and Pelil Enterprises limited, which shall govern the use of the web application and will supersede all other agreements made in relation to the use of the marketplace. 
    2. Once revised, the terms and conditions will be applicable from the date of publication on the marketplace. 
  11. Law and jurisdiction.

    1. The general conditions, terms, and policies are governed by the laws of the state in regard to trade
    2. Any disputes that may arise as a result of these terms, policies, and conditions remain subject to court jurisdiction within the country. 
  12. Our company details. 

    1. By Faith Pelil Enterprises is the online industrial marketplace that deals in selling of Motors, Pulleys, Fabrication, Sprocket, Angle, Line, Channel, Pipes Etc.
    2. Contact information and address.


Kariobangi Light Industry, Off Komarock Road.

Tel: 0702018981